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After the Vet leaves.... it's only the beginning!

Veterinarian care is essential in any horse owners life. If you have owned a horse for any amount of time, there will come that day when you go out and find your beloved equine sick or hurt. Immediately you comfort your equine friend and pick up your phone and quickly dial the vet! You send pictures of the injury or describe the symptoms, the vet says I will be right there and you know its not good. When the vet arrives and assesses the situation, they start treating the horse to the best of their professional ability. After the stitches are in and the horse is still half awake after the anesthetic, you follow them to the truck to pay the bill and get your post trauma instructions. They may prescribe some medications, stall rest, or changing the dressing regularly but in the back of your mind still lingers that question, but will they recover and still be the athlete I need them to be?

The wounds have all healed and the scaring is minimal due to your attentiveness to their care, but what most of us don't realize is the hidden damage that did to the rest of the body during the healing process. This is where Rehab Therapy comes into play. This was a hard lesson I learned and am still working through today. I wish I knew then what I know now or that someone would have expressed the importance of bringing my mare back into balance so she was back to full health. As the saying goes, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get." What I have learned about rehab is....

 "Rehab after an injury is like an onion, you just keep peeling back the layers."

Meet Hollywood Sky...

Sky came to me as a weanling and the apple of my eye. My clean slate that was not damaged physically or mentally by humans. She is reining horse bred, smart, athletic and full of personality. So small as a 2 yr old I didn't attempt to ride her until she turned 3. That summer I signed up to work with my Parelli professional to start her under saddle. Our first clinic went well and I was looking forward to our summer growing together. Two weeks after I returned, I go out on a Sunday morning to feed and find her in the yard. Not to surprising as her nick name was Houdini, however as a walked toward her I found it odd she didn't meet me half was as usual.

After my mind calmed and I got her back to the barn, I called the vet.....